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Whatever your need for FINANCING We are ready to accompany you.


Small business is an expanding market.
Opening a profitable business is a project for many, whether they are young graduates, long-term unemployed or an executive wanting to change their lives.
It remains to know the sectors of activity in growth not to fail.


Governments consider it a priority to find new ways to stimulate investment in various areas of their economy.
To be up to the global market that is becoming more and more clogged and extremely competitive.
They need a strategy that will help attract more foreign direct investment.


The World Bank estimates that 2 billion (59%)
The number of adults in the world who are not banked.
Our Financial Inclusion Policy allows us to take everyone into account.
Our statistics have shown that many profitable projects come from individuals.

Some Projects We Financed

Why choose us?

The WCIF is one of the barons of investment funds in Europe, and around the world. This is due to the fact that WCIF has a highly appropriate legal and regulatory framework that combines rigorous investor protection with unmatched flexibility in the design of funds; Flexibility that allows products to be tailored to the needs of a specific market or group of customers. The availability of a wide range of specialized service providers allows fund sponsors to outsource non-core activities and thus benefit from economies of scale. WCIF specializes in the cross-border administration and distribution of investment funds and has become the platform of choice for promoters wishing to market their investment funds around the world. Funds may be in the form of regulated and non-regulated vehicles. Among regulated vehicles, funds targeting the general public are distinguished from funds of a select group of private placement investors. Regulatory oversight is provided by the CSSF, the supervisor of the financial sector.
Investment funds specializing in sustainable business support. "Green investments" are traditional investment vehicles (such as companies, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds) in which the underlying companies are somehow involved in operations aimed at improving the market- Environment in a sustainable manner. These investments can be made by large-scale green enterprises as well as start-ups that develop green innovations or green products such as solar panels, wind power generators, etc. The green investment can also be made through investment funds or publicly traded funds or mutual funds. If this investment vehicle invests only in companies to promote and develop environmental investment and sustainability, it is considered as an alternative investment fund and more specifically a Green Investment Fund. Some of the sectors most affected by these types of investments include renewable energy and the building sector. In addition, conventional investors, such as insurers or sovereign wealth funds are increasingly considering transferring resources and investments into green investments. So worldwide, the amount of the green issue will be over $ 100 billion in 2016. More and more investors are coming.
We believe in you. Whether you are a private individual or a Moral person, please be assured of the possibility for you to obtain substantial funding for the realization of your projects.

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